Steps to success

Whether we are creating a brand from the ground up, or re-imaging an existing one, our approach is a carefully considered coordination of industry insight, long-term business goals in competitive business landscapes. 

Initial Consultation

We help brands articulate their passion and purpose, in a meaningful way. We begin our process with either an in person or teleconference: You talk, we listen. We will share what we know. We will work with you over the next few weeks, to design and build exactly what your brand needs.

Concept Execution

The conceptualizing stage goes from a simple sketch session, with pencil and paper, to a first round of concepts, to be viewed and interpreted by the client. After we have locked down 3-6 initial concepts to explore further, we move into the digital phase. This is the point where we get to experiment with color variation, composition, and style.

Brand Position

We work hand in hand with the business owner or owners, to create a list of long-term goals for the brand and determine long-term brand positioning. When working with multiple geographic locations, it is imperative to position your brand correctly, the first time. A well-positioned brand will have excellent reach, relevancy and long-term growth.